Centre for Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Training (TVET)

entrepreneurial award-First Technical University, Ibadan

Vocational & Entrepreneurial Studies

The Centre is designed to equip students with entrepreneurial and vocational skills for self-employment. Towards Nigeria’s quest for accelerated economic growth, it is important that active and virile youth population is assisted to develop and convert their innovative ideas into business ventures.

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Concept of Entrepreneur

This programme enhance the understanding of basic concepts of enterprise, entrepreneur, business, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity; cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship and also build the capacity to develop business plan to start a business in the student.

entrepreneurship-programme- first technical university, ibadan

Aspects of Programme

Other aspects of this programme include:

  • Analysing the historical perspective of entrepreneurship in Nigeria, and relate it to the recent trend of unemployment, under-employment and job dissatisfaction, personal, national and global economic recession.
  • Identifying the roles of entrepreneurial development agencies and regulatory bodies.
  • Correcting wrong mind-sets and develop high entrepreneurial potential in student.
  • Selecting possible business ideas.