Academic Planning Unit

Directorate of Academic Planning & Quality Assurance (DAPQA)

Tech-U has a compelling vision that is geared towards pioneering technical education in Nigeria with the intention of bridging gaps between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Nation Building. The keywords in the vision are entrepreneurial practices, unique innovations, sustainability science and commitment to international best practices.

Consequently, the University was established to steer a revolution within the HEIs in Nigeria and spearhead the much awaited national development by instituting an enduring sustainable development; economic and socio-political development as well as the technological and infrastructural development.

Therefore, the University at take-off created the Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance that combines at present, all the expected activities of both the Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Units of University System. Thus, while the Academic Planning sets the metrics for academic standards, the Quality assurance ensures strict adherence to the set standards and benchmarks.


To entrench academic standards and best practices in teaching, research, community impact and entrepreneurial skills development.


  • To institute all metrics for academic excellence in all facets of the University operation.
  • To ensure strict conformance to all academic standards of the University.
  • To ensure holistic adoption of ICT as a platform for academic and administrative engagements of the University.
  • To generate timely reports about the operations of the University for the attention of the Management.


  • Generating information for informed decision-making concerning academic, non-academic/administrative planning.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies NUC, JAMB, and other Professional bodies.
  • Ensuring quality of delivery of Academic Activities.
  • Preparing for accreditation.
  • Preparing of academic brief and calendar, Resource Allocation: time-tabling, carrying capacity (enrolment), staff/student ratio (recruitment), etc.
  • Coordinating Teaching and Research Activities.
  • Coordinating Grants and Fellowships.
  • Coordinating Curriculum Development and Reviews.
  • Coordinating New Programme Development and Application to Run.
  • Ensuring efficient and effective utilization of resources.
  • Ensuring conducive condition for teaching, learning and research.
  • Preparing/Adhering to the strategic plan.


DAPQA is a unit under the Vice-Chancellor’s office and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor in all its operations. The available officers include:

  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Academic Planning Officer
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Administrative Officer
Prof. Adesola Ajayi

Prof. Adesola Ajayi

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