Student Affairs Unit


To be a statutory platform to advance strategies for the improvement of the students welfare, learning environment, development of career opportunities and social responsibilities.


To deploy qualified human & material resources that will ensure that students enjoy quality and worthwhile experiences in the course of acquiring theoretical knowledge and technical skills for informed career choices, social responsibilities and employment of labour.


The division of student affairs is a veritable unit for engagement of students in all matters that relate to conduct, welfare, social and professional development of students while in university.


  • Organization & coordination of orientation programmes for new students.
  • Promotion for the welfare & general well-being of students at all times in the university.
  • Offering guidance and counselling services for easy learning & rewarding social experience.
  • Serving as a link between students and the outside world (scholarship, bursary etc.)
  • Promotion of peaceful coexistence between students, staff and other stakeholders in the university.
  • Exposure of students to job opportunities and career placements.
  • Recommendation of disciplinary measures when the rules & regulations of the university are violated.
  • Monitoring and supervising of student union and its activities.
  • Registering student clubs/ Associations / societies and recommending approval for the use of university facilities
  • Ensuring adequate accommodation for students in halls of residence


The Unit is headed by a Dean with some support staff to assist in driving the set Vision and Mission.

The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs is designed to attend to the following:

  • Re-orientation programme for new students to educate them about university life and various challenges they would face in the course of their study.
  • The welfare and general wellbeing of students.
  • Psychological testing service to detect students who are proned to cultism or violence.
  • Supervision of various campus programmes and serving as liaison between administrative council and student council.
  • Educational counselling for under-achieving students.
  • Responsibilities towards issues that involve student academic duties and student life.
  • Socio-personal counseling.
  • Job facilitation for graduating students
Prof. Adesola Ajayi

Prof. Adesola Ajayi

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