The First Technical University Research, Development and Innovation Directorate (TURDID) is specially constituted to provide the missing link between education and national development in Nigeria. It places premium on technological research and development in order to create a conducive ambience for Innovation where the tripartite functions of Universities, which are teaching, research and community Impact are be carried out.

It is common knowledge that Nigeria’s education system has failed to bring about the much needed socio-political, economic and technological development for the country after several decades of independence. Therefore, TURDID aims to set a model for nation building by fostering a close tie between academia and the industry; evolve a pedagogy that emphasizes problem or research-based leaning; and integrate entrepreneurial education into the curricular of the University as well as create research parks (startup parks) where innovative solutions to the myriads of industry challenges are proffered.


To be a high-impact research, development, and innovation Directorate that harnesses the rich endowment of the University community towards proffering solutions to the socio-economic, political and technological development of Nigeria in particular and developing nations in general.


To advance the University research community towards accomplishing cutting-edge research outcomes that are innovative, intellectual, locally impactful, globally visible, economically and entrepreneurially viable and responsive to the development of mankind and the society.


To formulate policies and oversee the implementation of the research activities of the University with respect to technological, scientific and socio-economic needs of Nigeria with a view to establishing the University as a solution hub for the eradication of underdevelopment on the African continent.


The specific objectives include amongst others:

  • Promotion of scholarship and research engagements in all fields of learning and human endeavour.
  • Provision of innovative approaches towards solving national problems by fostering a close tie between academia and the Industry.
  • Provision of avenues for regular dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge among scientists, researchers, industries, trades, services and other bodies.
  • Coordination of the research activities of the University into clusters/centres in order to feed the University Administration with quality advice on conference funding, journal publications and product development.
  • Creation of an incubation Centre that will harness the research potentials of students into viable business startups.
  • Establishment of an appropriate platform for patent registration, product commercialization and establishment of cottage industry.
Prof. Adesola Ajayi

Prof. Adesola Ajayi

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