B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for the award of a B. Eng. (Hons.) in Agricultural Engineering, the candidate must have satisfied the following:

  1. The approved University requirements of 12 units of special electives, in addition, students are required to learn two trades, French language with immersion, and one other Nigerian Language;
  2. The approved Faculty of Engineering and Technology requirements with respect to work-load, registration for courses, and programme duration;
  3. The Departmental requirements, by satisfactorily completing the compulsory courses together with the minimum number of units of the restricted and free elective courses;
  4. The total number of units and requirements for graduation given below are given in Tables 1 and 2
  5. The students are to register for a minimum of 15 Units and a maximum of 24 Units in a semester, except in special cases by the approval of Senate, especially for the final year students only.

Table 1: Total number of Units Required for Graduation

    Admission Mode University Faculty Department Restricted Elective Total Unit
Units required for

UTME Entry students

        12        99       68 11         190
Units required for

Direct Entry Students

        12       65      68 11         156