BSc. Microbiology

Philosophy of the Programme

The Department was established to produce self-reliant and influential graduates that will demonstrate in-depth knowledge in a broad sense with theories, principles and applications of Microbiology when they take up career positions in academia, industries, government and as entrepreneurs. The curriculum is designed and delivered to arouse entrepreneurial spirits needed for providing solutions and economic emancipation.


The curriculum designed for the B.Sc. Microbiology will prepare the graduates to cope with the issues for wide spectrum of areas including Agriculture, Environment, Food Processing, Industry and Medicine. This groomed man-power will play a vital role in the economic growth that would bring qualitative change in the above mentioned areas in the country. Internship in the curriculum will provide hands-on experience in different fields mentioned above. It will also create awareness about public health and safety in order to facilitate the establishment of sound relationship between Microbiologist, society and industry. The programme is also designed to produce graduates who have sound basic knowledge of microbiology and its applications especially in above mentioned areas all over the world.

The objectives of the Microbiology programme are to prepare:

  • self-reliant graduates for self-employment and job creation;
  • well trained personnel for the growing of wide spectrum of areas in Microbiology including: Agriculture, Environment, Food Processing, Industry and Medicine within the country;
  • graduates for teaching and research work in microbiological studies in higher institutions of learning in the country and abroad; and
  • graduates to acquire appropriate skills and abilities to manage and administer technological operations within the field of microbiology and allied areas.


To create an enabling environment for students in the Department by promoting interactions and deploying modern technologies to arouse entrepreneurial spirit and acquire skills needed to exploit biological systems for providing solutions and economic emancipation.