The Centre for Languages and General Studies

The centre aims to expose students to elementary knowledge in a variety of courses that are outside their field of study with a view to making them well-rounded students that would be able to function appropriately within the society. This exposure would give students a fuller understanding of the society more than their specialized fields of study.
At the heart of the study of General Studies, specifically, is the Use of English which affords students with effective means of communication. Armed with a quality study of Use of English, students would be able to navigate through their specialized fields with ease. More than this, the Use of English would be a useful companion of graduates of the school in their search for employment and eventually in their jobs.

Courses to be taught include the following:

  • Use of English
  • Fundamentals of Human Behaviour
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Man and His Environment
  • Government, Society and the Economy
  • Man and His Health
  • Education, Culture and Social Organization
  • Philosophy and Logic
  • Science, Industry and Mankind
  • African Cultures and Civilization
  • Reproductive Health and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Agriculture and Human Survival
  • Issues on Land Use and Management
  • Music, Art and Design
  • Use of Library & Information Science