Centre for Languages and General Studies

First Technical University Ibadan French Department

Languages and General Studies

The Centre for Language and General Studies is an integral part of the University Unit with Course system. The centre is saddled with the provision of learning on disciplines of the General Studies such as English Language, French Language and Library Studies.  An acquisition of language and library skills by students would go a long way in the facilitation of smooth learning of other disciplines the dissemination methods of which are essentially reliant on a good mastery of language and library skills. More than the foregoing, the so called language and library skills are life-long apparati that students would daily use in their choice fields and life careers.

First Technical University Ibadan French Department

Elementary Knowledge

Specifically, the teaching of English Language will expose students to the essentials of grammar, phonetics, reading skills, advanced compositions such technical report writing suitable for different disciplines. In French Language also, students will be introduced to basic fundamentals of the language that would enhance proficiency in the use of the langaugae. A good use of the language by students would put them at a great advantage given the fact that French is fast becoming a lingua franca in the world of technological advancement especially for those whose close contact with the Franco-phone countries is largely required. Library studies shall equip students with required knowledge for effective operation in the library. A good knowledge of library studies will prepare students for adequate and independent library search that would be useful for them throughout their stay in school and even beyond.

First Technical University Ibadan french department

Use of English & French

The Centre offers Special Electives which are not compulsory but are obligatory for graduation.

The following Courses are available for offer by students based on compulsory units before graduation:

  • SER 001: Use of English 1
  • SER 002: Use of English 2
  • GLS 201: English Language Studies 1
  • GLS 202: English Language 2
  • FRE 101: Introduction to French Language
  • FRE 102: French Studies
  • FRE 201: French Grammar
  • FRE 202: French Pattern of Speaking
  • FRE 301: French Language Studies
  • FRE 302: French Language Studies
  • FRE 401: French Language Studies
  • FRE 402: French Language Studies
  • LIB 001: Use of Library and ICT 1
  • LIB 002: Use of Library and ICT 2

Any electives registered from among the above by students must be passed before graduation. The scored grades from the electives would be used to compute the CGPA of students.