History of the Department

The departments of Mathematics and of Computational sciences are as old as the university itself. While the former used to run two programmes (BSc Mathematics and BSc Statistics), the latter hosted three programs (Computer Sciences, Cyber Security and Computer Sciences), and remained one of the leading departments with large number of students’ enrolments in the university. However, both departments were merged together in 2019/2020 academic session to give birth to the present Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences that now warehouses the five distinct programmes – BSc in Computer Sciences, Cyber Security, Mathematics, Software Engineering, and Statistics. The intersection of these programmes is interesting since much scientific investigations now involve computing, theories and experiments.

The department is putting up a well-equipped laboratory with the state-of-the-art facilities as well as current Software Engineering and Cyber security kits plus an effective Learning Management System (LMS) to promote teaching and learning towards placing our graduates on the same levels with their counterparts in the developed countries.


To produce graduates of transferable applicable skills in Mathematical and Computational Sciences with entrepreneurial spirits needed for self-employment and economic emancipation.


To create an umbrella that encompasses a number of technical fields whose graduates are self-employable as well as easily employable in reputable industries including data analytics, Office of Statistics, software engineering, computer engineering, information security, and network administration.