History of the Department

The Department was christened in last months of year 2019. Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Biomedical Engineering programmes, grouped to form a full-fledged department were among the first set of engineering programmes established at the inception of the University. The department commenced with Four (4) seasoned Ph.D. holders as full time academic staff and a certified Medical Doctor. Among the Four (4) Ph.D. holders is the pioneer Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, First Technical University. The Department is however very lucky as she houses the first full time Academic Staff of the University and the Faculty, and also the first full time Senior Academic of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.


To be the frontier in the field of modern engineering by deploying highly experienced and skilled personnel in fostering innovative multidisciplinary research, community centered initiates with a view to applying the concept of Object Based Education (OBE) in teaching while adequately transforming indigenous research outcome into applications in designing, developing, improving and advancing appropriate emerging technologies such as industrial robots, artificial intelligence, automation, communication, mobility, remote connectivity, renewable energy harnessing  and machine learning to  the overall sustainability of health care, energy supply and industrialization.


To design, develop, fabricate, improve and sustain clinically certified environmentally safe translatable tools, devices and equipment for medical and industrial drives through integration and application of adequate knowledge of entrepreneurship, management, science, engineering, medicine and numeric in solutions discovery-centered system via the blending of theories and practice, to showcase our graduates as professional leaders in the world of engineering.