History of the Department

The Department of Electrical/Electronic and Biomedical Engineering houses two programmes, namely Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. These two were among the seven engineering programmes established at the inception of the University. In other words, the programmes are as old as First Technical University Ibadan. However, the two programmes were grouped to form a full fledged academics department in December 2019. Furthermore, the department commenced with Four (4) Ph.D. holders as full time staff and a certified Medical Doctor. The Department is fully a baby of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology under the leadership of an erudite scholar, Prof. O.A. Koya who is a certified engineer. The Department is very lucky as she houses the first full time Academic Staff of the University and the Faculty, and the first full time Senior Faculty staff.


To be the leading department in the field of modern engineering by deploying highly experienced and skilled personnel in fostering innovative multidisciplinary research, community centered initiates with a view to applying the concept of Object Based Education in teaching and transforming research outcome into applications to advance and improve technologies aimed at improving health care in the world.


To design, develop and fabricate clinically certified and translatable devices and equipment for medical applications through the integration of the adequate knowledge of management, science, engineering, and medicine in solutions discovery-centered system via the blending of theories and practice, to showcase our graduates as professional leaders in the field of biomedical engineering.