History and Philosophy of Physics and Engineering Physics Programme.

The Department of Physics is fundamentally connected with all the mathematical and engineering principles and as well as the application of the same. Hence, it remains the pillar for all basic sciences and the philosophy of all engineering studies. Thus, as the foundation Department at the inception of Technical University, it is necessary to establish it as the core course for an institution as a solid Technical university like this suitably located at Ibadan this year, 2017. The Department has been established to produce self-reliant graduates who are very conversant in a broad sense with theories, principles and applications of Engineering Physics in their later years of life endeavor. The programme is also designed to arouse entrepreneurial spirits needed for self-employment and economic emancipation.

Philosophy and Objectives of the Programme

Physics and its understanding is the pivot for industrial and technological development in the whole world. The programme is designed to produce graduates who have sound basic knowledge of Physics and its applications especially in industries as well as in the whole society. The objectives of the Physics and Engineering programme are to prepare:

  • Self-reliant graduates for self-employment.
  • Well trained personnel for proper application of Physical Science to all areas of technology in the country.
  • Graduates for teaching and research work in Physics and Engineering Physics in higher institutions of learning in the country and abroad.
  • Graduates for possible acquisition of relevant skills and abilities to manage and administer technological operations within the scope of Physics and other allied areas of studies.

Industrial attachment

An important highlight of the programme is the industrial attachment which will be for a minimum period of six months and it carries 6 units. Students will be attached to various engineering and manufacturing companies where proper applications of the training can be utilized. The students shall submit detailed reports of the industrial attachment at the end of the period. The reports shall be graded and a student’s assessment shall be based on his performance in the  company or industry where he or she has served for the period of attachment. Quality and oral presentation of his report shall be considered by the institution’s authority.

The objectives of the industrial attachments are to:

  • Help bring the industries (labour market) and students to close contact
  • Have a preview of job opportunities for prospective graduates
  • Expose students to practical application of knowledge in class.