The Institute for Sustainable Development (I4SD), FIRST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, IBADAN, is our University’s academic Unit with responsibility for holistic and interdisciplinary research and training in Sustainable Development. Sustainable development is a modern-day imperative behind which is the principle of meeting human development goals today in a way that ensure that natural resources and ecosystem services upon which economy and society depend are also guaranteed for future generations. It is all the artistry, science and technology pooled to create systems and processes that harness and utilise resources in a way that increases our children’s future access to developmental factors.

The Institute is responsible for supporting the evolution of a dynamic, resilient and sustainable society by:

  • providing scientific evidence to support the formulation of appropriate policies,
  • creating training opportunities to build human capacity and competence and
  • offering diverse professional services.

This Institute is committed to making a significant contribution towards archiving sustainable development in Nigeria’s developing economy and supporting the broader mandates of the Federal Government’s Vision 2030 and the United Nations’ SDG goals. We are doing this by creating a pool of skilled manpower that would orchestrate an effective synergy among the academia, industries, government, NGOs, communities and other stakeholders.