BSc Mathematics

Requirements for the award of a Degree

  1. To earn a B.Sc. Degree in Mathematics, all compulsory and required courses must be taken and passed at the prescribed levels of achievement.
  2. The total number of units taken along with the grade obtained in each course shall be recorded for the purpose of calculating the CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average).
  3. The number of course units for the award of a degree shall be approved by the Senate on the recommendation by the Faculty board but shall not be less than 90 units for a three year programme (Direct Entry candidates) and 120 units for a four year programme (UTME candidates).
  4. A student is eligible to get an Honour degree having undergone a minimum of 3 or 4 years in training. A student is still eligible to an honours degree after two extra semesters and to pass a degree beyond two semesters, but not more than two semesters.
  5. There are compulsory courses which a student must take and fulfil the pass mark as specified by the University, required courses which a student must take but not necessarily pass but must have a minimum of 30% to pass a minimum number of units of the programme required courses to graduate, elective courses specified by the programme from which a student takes in order to make up the required additional units for the award of the degree.