23 Mar 2017

I’m always happy when I weld – Stephen Ayegboyin, 300-level student

Que: What influenced your choice of Mechanical Engineering as a discipline?

I am drawn to welding technology and influenced my choice of Mechanical Engineering. As a secondary school student, I had an idea about welding and I visited some roadside workshops to learn. So, I was able to learn welding techniques. Most particularly, some students did visit for SWEPS at the workshops. I usually consulted them on questions and career paths and they advised I should pursue a course in Mechanical Engineering in the university.

Que: What are the vital things you’ve learnt as an engineer to be?

The first thing in engineering is safety first. For example, as we were constructing this machine (football posts), one of my colleagues hurt his hand through exposure to hot metal. So, it is very important for every engineer to prioritise safety. I like this department also because, in all our courses, we have to work on drawing. When we want to work, we have to draw, identify and source for quality materials and other factors as well are important as an engineer.

Que: What major things can you weld now?

I can weld anything. I can work on decking, we designed and fabricated the burglary proof of the lecture theatres. We students used metal to write Tech-U on it, polish it, among others.

Que: What areas of your course are most challenging?

Engineering drawing. This is because before any construction, there is the need to draw and it helps during construction. So, we have to learn the required software for drawing – AutoCad or AutoDesk, learn how to use the arrays, some tools etc. This makes it more challenging. So, basically, we don’t draw manually on papers because it is prone to damage from the environment and it is difficult to share when compared to software drawings which can easily be shared with anyone across the world.

Que: What is your dream as a future engineer?

I am always happy when I weld. My dream is to work on welding technology. To work on safety equipment for welding engineers. As we are working now, for example, it is difficult to weld without the use of glass due to the risk to the eyes. So, I intend to look at how we work and improve this.