23 Mar 2017

My vision is to be a CEO of a major manufacturing plant – Tech U’s best student

Olayemi Ogunro made history as the best student in Tech-U’s historic first session, 2017/2018, with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.94. Fondly called ‘Prof’ by his teeming colleagues, Olayemi is a budding intellectual star you should watch-out for. Tech-U Life had a chat with him on life as a Tech-U student. Excerpts:

Can we know more about you?

My name is Olayemi James Ogunro. I am one of the pioneer students of this unique Institution, First Technical University (Tech-U). I am in 200 level, studying Mechanical Engineering. I am privileged to be one of the pioneer University Scholars, with aggregate CGPA of 4.94.

How does it feel being the best student in the 2017/2018 Session?

To whom much is given, much is expected. I count it a really huge privilege. There are expectations from my colleagues, lecturers and my parents, which sometimes could be overwhelming. So, I still try to give my best as much as possible, even if not in all cases.

How easy was it for you to achieve this feat?

Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, consistent study, sacrifice and, most of all, love for what one is studying. Indeed, I guess the question should be framed as, “How tough was it for you to achieve this feat?”

What are your secrets?

My first secret is not from anywhere or anybody, rather it is divine. The other secrets of mine are hard work, persistence, discipline, good time management and focus.

So, what do you say to your colleagues about achieving academic excellence?

To my colleagues, I would re-echo what Bradley Whitford once said: “Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your love. And whatever your beliefs, honour your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen…yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.”

To others, there is no magic to success, the only magic that works for success is hard work. Everyone is born to be extraordinary or a sage, but choices determine how far one goes. Readers are leaders, the more you read the more you lead; the more you learn the more you earn. So, learn to read so that you can learn to lead. This should not be about academic books only, but also resources that are profitable to your goal and career. To become adept and build that new fathomless future story starts now.

Describe your campus experience in Tech-U?

Being one of the pioneer students of this prestigious university, I must say that my experience has been exciting. It’s been a great experience meeting and relating with new colleagues, and learning from our experienced lecturers. I am also very pleased with the various exposures targeted at making us become self-reliant, entrepreneurial and versatile global citizens. It has been a great and splendid experience so far.

Who are your role models or mentors?

I know this is quite funny, and may sound wacky: my mentor is my Spirit. I don’t have any mortal mentor yet. As per role models, I admire great men like Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Karl Benz and Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

Tell us your most memorable experience as a Tech-U student.

Hmmm! My most unforgettable experience was the day I was honoured as a scholar and the best student in the 2017/2018 Session.

What’s your vision and where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

My vision is to be a CEO of a major manufacturing plant. I would also like to work as an instructor and become a widely-acclaimed professional in my field.

What important contributions would you make to the Nigeria and to Africa at large?

My drive has always been “anything that can be conceived is achievable”. Over and over, thinking about Nigeria and Africa at large, it is obvious that there are still more to do. I would like to contribute to helping to enhance manufacturing and productivity, helping to reform the education system in order to produce citizens who combine excellent knowledge and skill.

What counsel do you have for fellow students?

I would say no matter how talented one is, without hard work the talent will become insignificant. Hard work beats talent.