B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry


The programme was established to produce self-reliant graduates who are very conversant in a broad sense with theories, principles and applications of Chemistry in their later employment in the field of Chemical researches, in Universities, Industry or on their own. The programme is also designed to arouse entrepreneurial spirits needed for self-employment and economic emancipation.


Industrial Chemistry is the index of industrial development in the whole world. The programme is designed to produce graduates who have sound basic knowledge of chemistry and its applications especially in industries. In particular, the programme will expose the students to the chemical and allied industries in the country with a view to their acquiring adequate knowledge of the chemical raw materials requirements, their local sources, processing and production; quality control, economics and marketing of industrial products. The objectives of the Industrial Chemistry programme are to prepare:

(i) self-reliant graduates for self-employment.

(ii) well trained personnel for the growing of chemical industries in the country.

(iii) graduates for teaching and research work in industrial/applied chemistry in higher institutions of learning in the country and abroad

(iv) graduates to acquire appropriate skills and abilities to manage and administer technological operations within the field of chemistry and allied areas.

Learning Outcomes

Apart from teaching and self-employment, the graduates can find employments as production managers, quality control chemists, research and development managers, marketing managers etc. in a wide range of chemical and allied industries in the country such as: Polymer manufacturing and processing industries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer (nitrogen & phosphate based), Rubber, Textile and paper, Cement, Paints, dyes and pigments, Food and beverages, Breweries and soft drinks and Pharmaceutical and cosmetics etc.