B.Sc. Physics with Electronics


Physics and its understanding is the pivot for industrial and technological development in the whole world. The programme is designed to produce graduates who have sound basic knowledge of Physics with Electronics and its applications especially in industries as well as in the whole society. The objectives of the Physics with Electronics are to prepare:

(i) self-reliant graduates for self-employment.

(ii) well trained personnel for proper application of Physical Science to all areas of technology in the country.

(iii) graduates for teaching and research work in Physics in higher institutions of learning in the country and abroad.

(iv) graduates for possible acquisition of relevant skills and abilities to manage and administer technological operations within the scope of Physics and other allied areas of studies.

Learning Outcome

The graduates can find employments in many technical, scientific and other area of applications. Quality research opportunities await every graduate of these level of training. Apart from teaching and self-employment, the graduate can develop into other relevant area as a result of wide area of coverage.