23 Nov 2020

Project title Artificial Intelligence for Clean Energy (AI4CE) Development Project (in partnership with 3 other Nigerian Universities)

Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering, UK

Duration: 24 months

Amount Awarded for Project: £155,465.00

Principal Investigator: Professor Abiodun Aibinu, FUT Minna, Nigeria
Tech-U Project Co-PI: Professor Adesola Ajayi

Summary of the Project

Access to affordable, renewable and clean energy has not only been captured as the seventh (7th) objective of the Sustainable Development Goals , but has been linked to all elements of sustainable development. The existing power system in sub-Saharan Africa is characterised by its inability to provide reliable and constant access to Clean Energy. Thus, a major barrier to : poverty eradication, Industry innovation, sustainable communities and quality education. The project, Artificial Intelligence for Clean Energy (AI4CE) development will also develop innovative approaches to clean energy generation using AI and at the same time rely on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for integrating the clean energy to the existing grid system by turning academic ideas into businesses through AcadoPreneurship. AI4CE would put in place programmes capable of raising national and regional scientists, researchers, students, entrepreneurs and power utility product developers through the introduction of ICT enabled blended experiential learning model. This will be done through appropriate practice-anchored capacity building involving the use of the existing power plants, Lecturer Industrial Work Experience Scheme , Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme, Classroom Immersion Scheme, introduction of new undergraduate courses, introduction of blended Experiential-Service Learning model, provision of multimedia materials, attending and organizing workshops and conferences.

The project is expected to establish network of core industry, sectoral, academic partners that are committed to its vision through Hub, Spoke, UK Universities and industrial partnership arrangement. Thus, AI4CE in collaboration with other national, regional and international partners will address the problem of weak University-Industry linkage, which has muffled innovation and commercialisation of research results from universities through the proposed AcadoPreneurship model. In addition, the project will serve as a regional vehicle to drive and sustain products development,knowledge and technology exchange between knowledge institutions and the industry as primary partners in Nigeria.