Texas Tech University

TTU Partnership

The First Technical University (Tech U), Ibadan places more than a casual emphasis on partnerships. The First Technical University (Tech U), Ibadan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Texas Technical University (TTU). TTU has an expansive campus spread across the major parts of Lubbock, a serene city in Texas, United States of America.

With the MoU signed with TTU, a globally recognized university, the two institutions will start collaborations in forms of exchange programmes for students, lecturers, researchers and other members of staff for internationalization of their degree and post-graduate programmes.

The partnership tagged ‘Collaborative Agreement for Study Abroad and Research’ between students and staff of the two institutions, the partnership will afford students of Tech U to complete their degree programme at TTU and proceed to postgraduate studies if they desire.

The partnership will also afford students and staff of Tech U to participate in short and postgraduate programmes in which TTU has special capacity and competence, just as researchers from both sides will also collaborate in areas of common interest to internationalize their works.

TTU’s programmes are highly rated with its research works regarded as among the best in the United States.

Undergraduate Estimated Cost of Attendance 2019-2020

Non-Resident $23,770 $11,892 $1,200 $2,756 $39,618
Resident $11,320 $11,892 $1,200 $2,756 $27,168