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To provide an exceptional educational experience for students by creating a suitable ambience for living, teaching and learning.

To pursue new and emerging areas of innovative research which are particularly relevant to the Nigeria economy.

To maintain effective partnerships between the University and stakeholders in order to establish credible national and international collaborations.

To liberate our youths from the thinking that they can only push ahead in life within the narrow confines of their chosen disciplines.

To liberate our youths from the thinking that they can only push ahead in life within the narrow confines of their chosen disciplines.

2019/2020 Academic Calendar

august, 2020

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Faculties & Programmes

Faculty of Natural and Applied Science

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is the framework within which most of the science courses (including physical and biological sciences) are taught in the First Technical University, Ibadan. We offer a wide range of physical and biological science courses from 8 departments in a unique and demanding model for a period of 4 years with practical training sessions.

First Technical University Ibadan

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Technology and Engineering is dedicated to providing knowledge and opportunities to ensure students excel in their chosen discipline. The foundation courses for the different Engineering and Technology degree programmes are basically the same for all programmes in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

First Technical University Ibadan

Centre for Technical, Vocational

The Centre is designed to equip students with entrepreneurial and vocational skills for self-employment. Towards Nigeria’s quest for accelerated economic growth.

First Technical University Ibadan

and Entrepreneurial Training (TVET)

It is important that active and virile youth population is assisted to develop and convert their innovative ideas into business ventures. This programme enhance the understanding of basic concepts of enterprise, entrepreneur, business, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity; cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship and also build the capacity to develop business plan to start a business in the student.

Centre for Languages

The Centre has a vision to ensure all students are bilingual, and is committed to ensure continuous increase in the literacy level of Nigerians and Africa at large.

First Technical University Ibadan General Studies Department
First Technical University Ibadan French Department

and General Studies

The centre aims to expose students to elementary knowledge in a variety of courses that are outside their field of study with a view to making them well rounded students that would be able to function appropriately within the society. At the heart of the study of General Studies, specifically, is the Use of English and French which affords students with effective means of communication.

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